It gives me immense pleasure to create an environment for others to enjoy themselves. I am dedicated to making those feelings accessible to everyone I can.



I have recently turned my focus as a designer and a builder of luxury homes in Santa Barbara California to creating a luxury collection of Cabanas that can be enjoyed and delivered anywhere in the world. Exciting times afoot for CSD !.

I have been researching in Bali/Indonesia and connecting with some of the finest craftsmen to build my own collection of Tarn Cabanas that will be available to order early spring 2015.

All materials and craftsmanship is of the finest quality, durability and timeless style.
But everyone says that..!.
What sets me apart is my absolute dedication and respect for the form, function and individuality of a Tarn Cabana custom designed for you.


A Cabana is to Relax, entertain, and bring in the fresh air of calm strong confidence. A space that allows our spirit to breathe and celebrate life, a place void of troubles, to enjoy good friends and new acquaintances, A place of yoga where we can think clearly . It is a place of integrity.

The Ultimate Cabana is an environment that supports a quality state of mind, a key to the quality experience you seek.

To create this environment we are embraced by the flow of lines, comforting fabrics and ergonomic cushions.

Tarn Cabanas have a discreet integration of technology and luxury conveniences such as hidden cooler compartments for champagne and wines, hi-fi, built in lighting, automatic motorized shades, water misters and secret compartments.

These "smart" Tarn Cabanas are stand alone or integrated into your existing smart house control systems. My motto is that anything is possible, so we will work with you to design and provide not only your customized Cabanas, but pergolas, pop up pavilions, outdoor bars and the like.

It is my passion to enjoy the smiles and laughter with others and I offer what I can so people everywhere can experience the same...

Thank you for joining our cause for fun and enjoyment!


Dylan Tarn Davidson




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