I love to create deliciously comfortable spaces in which my friends can forget themselves, freely laugh and enjoy the fun of others; A place to share the pleasures of life....it started with blanket forts and tree houses.. I would shift cushions from the couches and turn chairs into framework,
later I would outfit dorm room with extra mattresses, tapestries and hidden speakers,
eventually my car would convert into a portable cabana on wheels for the weekends.

I started outfitting parties for friends with pool cabanas. Eventually after years of
building lavish homes I worked up to helping design and build an extraordinary
pool house Cabana in Santa Barbara and it all became clear.

I am the cabana man. I am here to make a space for you that brings you pleasure,
a place that welcomes you in and gives you every reason to enjoy yourself.
A sanctuary of all things fun.
I have seen for years what makes people feel at ease I watch for it.

It gives me immense pleasure to create an environment for others to enjoy themselves.
I am dedicated to making those feelings accessible to as many people as possible.






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